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Richard Dias

Digital Ninja

Richard Dias, Digital Ninja

Richard Dias is a digital professional, specializing in websites, sales, design and social. He founded [Human Element] Digital Agency in 2019. Richard is a former 5 star chef and a published author. He lives in the future; join him.

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Content
  • Video Production

Professional Services

Contact me for any of these services:

Small Website
Small Website

Get your idea onto the web. We help you to convert 5 pages into content for hosting. Working attachments to analytics and links to social media.

Social Media Management
Social Media Management

We post to your social media accounts on a regular schedule. We can even help you curate highly relevant content.

Social Media Video Production
Social Media Video Production

Prepare for an upcoming launch, or schedule regular filming sessions. (Location must be within 1 hour.)

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